Posted by: sirivy | April 9, 2009

How to export object in maya to openGL?

1. Download maya script export/import from here

2. After you open maya file , you should make sure that your object in maya is polygons.

(i.e. if your object is NURBS , you should convert to polygon)

To convert NURBS to polygon, there are two steps.

– Firstly , select your NURBS surface

– Secondly, goto menu bar and click at –> modify –> convert –> NURBS to polygons

3. Open maya script from script editor. After you already loaded maya script to script editor,

click at execute button in script editor and specify your path and file name.

( Note: if you can’t find script editor , you can click at Display–> UI Elements –> Command Line)

4. Check your .obj file and enjoy to import to openGL. ^_^



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